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Welcome to my 1st Musician's Blog

I have been playing professionally since the age of 9 (I'm 59), so that's a long time. My first gig was for my friend's dad and I'll never forget it. My dad lugged a big Conn 25 pedal console organ up the street to my friend's living room and I think I played for 3 hours on a saturday afternoon. I remembered I made $50. That was back in 1961 so that was a lot of money back then. I don't know how many gigs I have played since that day but I know it must be in the thousands. One thing I've tried to remember is always play what the listener requests. I guess it's because of what my dad has always ingrained in me by saying: son, the customer is always right. I still try to follow his advice every time I play a gig. Well that's a little history of me and I hope in the future to talk about things my readers may want to hear. I play many weddings and receptions and always try to discover and suggest songs that the bride and groom have a special attachment to. More about that in a later blog. So long for now.

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